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Services for Realtors

Spinnaker Property Management Proudly Helps Realtors!

What’s it going to cost you if you lose a deal? You have can peace of mind on rental real estate with Spinnaker!

1. When your client needs help you don’t have to worry about us taking your business, we only service the owners, we don’t compete for the business or sale
2. We give you a 10% referral for referring business to us
3. We are the best resource for an investment-minded client
4. We serve as a rental value resource for properties you represent
– Projecting operating income and expenses for bottom-line return on a property
– ROI projections
– We are the investment value experts for you and your client for all Single and multi-family investment properties
– We provide a comprehensive market analysis (value of a rental property)
6. Property Inspection Services
We will assist you in evaluating the value, risks and rent potential of a property, before an offer is made, free of charge to you and your client.

Spinnaker Property Management (SPM) offers a referral bonus to realtors that refer a client (renter or property owner) to SPM upon the successful completion of a management agreement or signed lease agreement. This referral bonus is equal to 10% of the first month’s rent.

If you would like to refer a client to us, please fill out the Contact Us form with the details or call our office.

Thank you for thinking of Spinnaker Property Management when you have an owner or renter in need of property management services.

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