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Housing Connector

Each month our owner Mark Melsness is busy preparing and delivering the Landlord-Tenant Rights & Responsibilities course for Housing Connector’s Renters Readiness Certification courses. “I enjoy this practical opportunity to give back to my community”, says Mark. Mark is a natural encourager and excellent communicator so this volunteer roles suites him well. “I particularly enjoy seeing those that thought they could never rent successfully, supply deposits and beginning renting a new home after completing the course.” The Housing Connector creates partnerships with housing providers (or use the word landlords), like Spinnaker, to offer housing opportunities at their properties for community members who are experiencing homelessness and who are also working with social service agencies, who are also partnered with Housing Connector. Community members experiencing homelessness and/or other housing insecurities can get connected to services by calling 211. For more information about Housing Connector, including Renters Readiness courses, visit their website:

Spinnaker Property Management is engaged in serving the Tacoma community every day. We support our residents beyond their homes with encouraging words and financial solutions. We also engage those less fortunate in the community and service the needs of the greater community with donations. Below are two organizations we support on a regular basis.

Housing Connector
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