A Peek into Housing 2.0: Navigating the 2024 Legislation

housing 2.0

The 2024 Legislative Session “housing 2.0” has kicked off, and it promises to be an intense 60-day period, concluding on March 7. With an accelerated pace and an array of issues on the table, your advocacy team is on the front lines, actively pursuing your interests based on the guidance laid out in the WMFHA 2024 Legislative Agenda. (Washington Multi Family Housing Association)

Rent Control in Focus:

As highlighted in our recent Action Alert, the spotlight this week falls on rent control, with discussions scheduled in both the House Housing committee on Thursday and the Senate Housing committee on Friday. The urgency of addressing this matter underscores the fast-paced nature of this legislative session.

Year of Housing 2.0:

Given the short duration of the session, everything is happening sooner and moving faster. A total of 491 bills and resolutions have already been pre-filed in the House and Senate. While many of these cover topics beyond the scope of our industry, many are dubbing this legislative session as the “Year of Housing 2.0.”

Legislative Landscape:

Lawmakers have introduced an impressive 335 bills in the House and 274 bills in the Senate. This sheer volume reinforces the need for continuous engagement and advocacy. Expect to receive frequent action alerts and calls for engagement over the next 30 days as we navigate this dynamic legislative environment.

Weekly Legislative Updates:

To keep you well-informed throughout this journey, WMFHA will be sending out weekly Legislative Updates every Friday afternoon. These updates will provide a comprehensive overview of key developments, ensuring you stay abreast of the latest changes and opportunities for involvement.

WMFHA Session Preview Webinar:

For those eager to dive deeper into what lies ahead, we recommend checking out the 2024 WMFHA Session Preview webinar. This informative session will serve as a valuable resource, offering insights into the legislative landscape and helping you prepare for the upcoming challenges and opportunities.

As the 2024 Legislative Session unfolds, your active participation is crucial. Stay tuned for action alerts, engage with legislative updates, and be proactive in shaping the discourse. Together, we can navigate the complexities of this legislative session and advocate for policies that align with the interests of our industry. Let the Year of Housing 2.0 begin! WMFHA membership is the best way to stay informed. Check out their website for more information. Spinnaker Property Management is committed to keeping you informed about all legislation that affects you!

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