Protecting Local Landlords, Tenant Safety and Rental Quality: Say NO to Measure 1 on November 7th!

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As the November 7th voting date approaches, the fate of rental housing in Tacoma hangs in the balance. Measure 1, a contentious ballot initiative, has sparked a passionate debate among housing providers, tenant advocates, and concerned citizens. While the proposed measure may aim to address certain issues, it also carries the risk of unintended consequences that could jeopardize tenant safety and the overall quality of rental properties. Let’s delve into the key concerns raised by opponents of Measure 1 and advocate for a NO vote on November 7th to preserve a secure and comfortable living environment for all Tacoma residents.

Key Points

1. Tenant Safety at Risk

The Rental Housing Association of Washington and others caution that Measure 1, if passed, may compromise the safety of residents in Tacoma’s rental properties. Maintaining a secure environment is a paramount goal for housing providers, but the proposed restrictions could hinder their ability to ensure tenant safety.

2. Challenging Disruptive Behavior

Measure 1 could make it nearly impossible for landlords to address tenants with extremely disruptive behavior, putting the safety and comfort of other residents at risk. Voting NO on Measure 1 is crucial to safeguard a peaceful and secure living environment for all tenants.

3. Impact on Maintenance and Repairs

With limitations on rental income, small local landlords may struggle to cover the costs of necessary maintenance and repairs promptly. This could lead to the deterioration of Tacoma’s rental housing stock and a decline in the quality of life for tenants.

The decision Tacoma voters make on November 7th regarding Measure 1 carries significant implications for local landlords, tenant safety and rental property quality in the city. While the aim of the measure is to address certain housing concerns, it’s essential to consider the potential unintended consequences that may arise.

We urge you to take action and vote NO on Measure 1 to protect tenant safety and maintain the quality of rental properties. By opposing this measure, you can help safeguard a secure and well-maintained rental housing environment for all Tacoma residents. Your vote matters, and it’s an opportunity to ensure a brighter and safer future for EVERYONE in our community. Stand up for local landlords, tenant safety and quality housing – vote NO on Measure 1!

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