Champion Donors of Affordable Housing: National Supporters of ‘No on Measure 1


The “No on Measure 1” campaign is receiving significant support from a coalition of backers, with one of the most prominent contributors being the National Association of Realtors. This national organization plays a vital role in advocating for the interests of real estate professionals, including realtors operating in the Washington, Pierce County, and Tacoma regions. Their involvement in the campaign reflects their commitment to preserving the economic and regulatory environment that allows real estate professionals and transitively smaller local landlords to thrive.

National Association Donors

In addition to the National Association of Realtors, the campaign has garnered support from three other major donors. These contributors include Washington state and Pierce County associations that have a direct stake in the outcome of Measure 1. These associations are deeply invested in the policy discussions and regulations affecting their respective areas, and they recognize the potential ramifications of this specific measure on their operations and the real estate industry at large.  Local landlords don’t have the manpower to commit to the cause as most landlords are working full time or retired, their investment properties are a essentially part time jobs. 

Central Concerns Unite Donors

One of the central concerns that unite these donors is the fear of increased restrictions that Measure 1 might impose on the real estate market and local landlords. These organizations are apprehensive about the potential impact of these restrictions on the ability to produce more affordable housing. In their view, these regulations could hinder industry’s capacity to address the ongoing housing affordability crisis. They argue that such constraints might limit the flexibility and innovation needed to create housing solutions that are accessible to a broad range of residents.

Donors Supporting Local Landlords

Notably, small local owner-operators within the Washington, Pierce County, and Tacoma area face unique challenges in this campaign. Unlike the well-organized and well-funded associations supporting the “Measure 1” campaign, these smaller businesses lack the resources and organizational infrastructure necessary to mount a robust defense against what they perceive as a relentless attack on their livelihood. They are concerned that the measure’s provisions could disproportionately impact their operations, making it harder for them to compete and provide affordable housing options within their local communities.

The “No on Measure 1” campaign benefits from significant backing from influential organizations like the National Association of Realtors and regional associations, all of which have a vested interest in protecting the real estate industry from potentially restrictive policies. They are also providing a voice for small local owner-operators who face a challenging uphill battle as they lack the same level of resources and organization to counter what they view as a threat to their ability to operate as landlords in Tacoma.

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