Voting NO on Measure 1: Protecting Tacoma’s Future

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The upcoming vote on Measure 1 in the city of Tacoma is a crucial decision that will impact our community’s housing landscape for years to come. While the goals of this measure appear noble at first glance – safeguarding renters’ rights and ensuring fair treatment from landlords – a deeper analysis reveals a host of issues that make voting “NO” the right choice for the city of Tacoma.

1. Overly Harsh Penalties

One of the most concerning aspects of Measure 1 is its proposal for strong penalties and enforcement actions for housing violations. While holding irresponsible landlords accountable is essential, the penalties prescribed by Measure 1 are disproportionately harsh. Under this initiative, a landlord can be held liable for a minimum of $500 and up to five times the monthly rent per violation. For a simple, unintended oversight, the punishment is extreme, potentially jeopardizing the financial stability of housing providers.

Measure 1 allows renters to sue for violations and obtain actual damages, costs, reasonable attorney fees, and more. This opens the door to an influx of legal battles between renters and landlords. Such litigation can be time-consuming, expensive, and detrimental to the housing market. Moreover, the language in Measure 1 is ambiguous, potentially giving rise to disputes over what constitutes a violation and what doesn’t.

3. No Consideration for City Infrastructure

One significant issue that Measure 1 fails to address is the lack of infrastructure in place to handle the anticipated flood of complaints and violations. The city of Tacoma does not currently have the resources to establish a department, hire employees, and manage the extensive record-keeping and investigation that would be required to enforce this measure effectively. As a result, taxpayers could be burdened with the considerable cost of implementing and maintaining this infrastructure.

4. Severe Penalties for Minor Offenses

The penalties for violations under Measure 1 are not proportionate to the severity of the offense. For example, a simple clerical error or misunderstanding between a tenant and landlord could result in a penalty of three times the monthly rent. This is an extreme punishment that doesn’t fit the crime and could lead to unfair consequences for housing providers.

5. Renter’s Rights Organizations’ Authority

Measure 1 grants renter’s rights organizations the power to sue on behalf of renters. While this may seem like a good idea in theory, it opens the door to potential abuses of power and could encourage frivolous lawsuits against landlords, further burdening an already overstrained legal system.

While the desire to protect renters’ rights and hold irresponsible landlords accountable is admirable, Measure 1 in its current form poses a significant threat to the stability of the housing market in the city of Tacoma. Its severe penalties, lack of infrastructure planning, and potential for abuse make it a risky proposition for our community.

As responsible citizens of Tacoma, we must consider the broader implications of Measure 1 and the consequences it may have on our city’s housing landscape. Voting “NO” on Measure 1 is the right choice to ensure that we address the issues of housing violations and renter’s rights in a fair and balanced way that doesn’t compromise the future of Tacoma.

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