A Community Project with Real Life Church: Making Use of Natural Resources

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Tucked away in the small community of Covington, WA is a church that has a big focus on community – Real Life Church (RLC). RLC is a place of faith where people have congregated for a collective of 25 years. With a core value of connecting people through their ministries, Real Life Church provides a fun and educational gathering place for people of faith.

Community Helping Community

Real Life Church
A Community Project with Real Life Church: Making Use of Natural Resources

In early spring of 2023, the church held an event that supplied about 200 cords of firewood for people in the area. On the same day, the team prepped wood for benches and shelters to place along the trails of the church property. Bright and early, the crew brought in their own special equipment, canopies, trucks, tools and big smiles to accomplish the tasks.

Looking towards the future, the team at Real Life Church was inspired by the idea that children can use the benches and shelters as a place to rest while they play and explore or for bicyclists to enjoy during their ride through the many trails of the forest. About 80 volunteers contributed their time to this event and one member of that group is Mark Melsness – owner and designated broker of Spinnaker Property Management.

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A Community Project with Real Life Church: Making Use of Natural Resources

As the owner of a property management company, Mark Melsness is a man with a mission to be immersed in the community. When Melsness heard that his church needed hands to help with a big project, he was all in. When asked why he feels compelled to contribute his time to community events, Mark said “I just see it as a great opportunity to participate in the church.”

At the end of the day, one of the greatest benefits of this project is that the wood generated will extend the usefulness of the natural resources. Generations will find the perfect spot to rest and take in the beauty of nature and dozens of families were able to feel the warmth of a cozy fire. All this goodness and it’s from a single hard day’s work among friends.

Making an Impact for Families

The efforts of the team at Real Life Church and its members are a positive pulse in the community of Covington. Mark Melsness and the team at Spinnaker Property Management are glad to be able to participate in events that touch so many lives around us and will always strive to have a positive impact for those who need it most.

If you are interested in volunteering at community events like these, contact the Real Life Church through their website or Facebook page.

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