What Are the Common Home Styles Available in the Pacific Northwest Housing Market?

The Pacific Northwest housing market can be chaotic and stressful, but there is hope with Spinnaker Property Management by your side. When you search for homes on the Spinnaker Property Management website, you will find many different styles of homes to choose from and we are here to help you understand the differences in home styles available to you in the Pacific Northwest housing market.

Here is a list of some different home styles that you can find in the Pacific Northwest housing market with rentals from Spinnaker Property Management.

The Beautiful Northwest Craftsmen

The Northwest Craftsmen is a gorgeous and popular style for upscale living in the Pacific Northwest. This home style features an open layout in a lodge-style that is unique and quintessentially PNW. This home style is the most popular layout for new homes being built in the area and you will soon see them in every up-and-coming neighborhood. No matter where you live, you can find yourself in the lap of luxury in a Northwest Craftsmen home.

Pacific Northwest Housing Market
What Are the Common Home Styles Available in the Pacific Northwest Housing Market?

What’s a Condo?

Are condos and apartments the same thing? In a nutshell, yes! The main difference between condos and apartments is who owns the dwelling space. Condos are typically single units owned by people and apartments are single units rented by people.

There are many different types of condos. Detached condos are the most common, but there are several other forms. A condo is a great option for first time homebuyers and seniors.

The Ever-Stylish Colonial

Colonials are a classic and durable home style. The simplistic and classy architecture mirrors styles of the past while giving it a modern, upscale vibe. These homes typically feature many rooms, bathrooms and entertaining areas or living rooms. The architecture is classic and timeless.

Colonial-style homes are iconic and used as home in film and TV often because of the large appearance. These homes are typically rectangular with a central entrance towards the front and center area of the home’s front exterior. If you can imagine the modern split level, a colonial is like a split-level before they were thought of.

Pacific Northwest Housing Market
What Are the Common Home Styles Available in the Pacific Northwest Housing Market?


Everyone seems to want a farmhouse these days! They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and have a great layout to suite any family or single life. You will find a lot of farmhouses in the Pacific Northwest Housing market, especially in more rural areas – which we, thankfully, have a lot of!

A farmhouse has a simple layout and typically features a main floor with a kitchen bathroom, living room, maybe an office and mudroom or laundry room. The upstairs us typically 2-4 bedrooms with a full bathroom and master bathroom. Closet space might be featured in its own walk-in space or not at all depending on the year of the build.

You’ll feel right at home in a farmhouse!

Manufactured Home

A manufactured home is a great option for many renters within the Pacific Northwest housing market. You can have a decent space all your own with typically less monthly cost than a stick-built house. Manufactured homes come in many layouts since buyers can customize many things when manufactured homes are ordered.

A typical manufactured home, older or newer, will feature a main living space with an open-concept kitchen and living room space, master bedroom and bathroom on one end and 2 smaller bedrooms down a hallway with a bathroom on the other end. There are many different sizes of manufactured homes from single-wide to double-wide and other custom arrangements. These homes are a great option and there are many available in the Pacific Northwest housing market.

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