How to Select Excellent Renters

Wondering about processes to ensure great renters?

How to Select Excellent Renters

The heart of your business is making sure you find the right people. Knowing how to select excellent renters for our owner’s valued properties is crucial to our business. Here’s how we suggest it be done: 

1. Know the law regarding how to qualify renters.
While this may seem to be obvious, this point is non-negotiable. You need to be experts in knowing what practices are acceptable in your area. This includes laws about credit, checking rental history, pets and other vital concerns. 

2. Be flexible.
Now, while you must be insistent on following the regulations, in the grey areas, a good healthy dose of flexibility can make your life easier and more enjoyable. Spinnaker can help you negotiate some of the murkier issues facing your day-to-day decisions. 

3. Be kind.
In the age of social media, one rude interaction can spread to a whole network. Property management demands some tough decisions, but the more you can remain kind during tough moments, the more you can mitigate potential fallout. 

4. Have firm and consistent internal processes.
This is your greatest protection! If you have a firm, consistent set of processes, you can point back to those processes if someone feels they have been treated unfairly. The more solid these processes are, the more you can tell an unhappy person that this is how your company treats everyone. 

5. Work for everyone’s success and comfort.
Everything your company does for employees and renters should be driven by a ‘win-win’ attitude.

Spinnaker Property Management is here to walk through the tough situations with our clients. You’re not alone. Give us a call at 253-830-5160 or fill out this form and let’s talk about your properties.

I would be honored to serve you, 

Angie Zimmerman
Account Manager
Spinnaker Property Management

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