Why You Need Spinnaker PM

Owning an investment property doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your weekends to fill maintenance requests, manage paperwork, or set up listings. 

If you’re a property owner in the great Puget Sound area, Spinnaker Property Management may be just the tool you need to get your time back. In our most recent Property Management Resource video, Mark talks about all the reasons to work with Spinnaker PM.

Shouldn’t a property manager do it on their own? 

In the past, a property manager may have been expected to do everything — paperwork, market research, maintenance requests, showings, etc. — on they’re own. But times are changing. 

Long days spent by the desktop, away from family and friends even when you’re “off”, can be draining. After a while, all the extra research, paperwork, and planning can weigh on your performance in other areas as well. 

Working with a licensed, bonded, professional property management company gives you access to a team of industry experts with years of experience, whose sole goal is to help your investment thrive. 

What do property management companies do?

Property management companies help you (the owner) manage your real estate investment. They take care of day to day tasks with tenants, as well as listing, handling applications, and sending out leases to prospect applicants. 

Essentially, property management companies help save you time and money. Experienced property management companies (like Spinnaker) bring years of experience to help you decide how much you want to list your property for. 

Why hire a property management company?

There are tons of reasons why investors trust property management companies with their property. 

Time. Time is one of the biggest reasons why real estate investors trust property management companies. Managing a property — and all that that entails— is time consuming. Work can easily bleed over into personal lives, eating up valuable weekends better suited for time with family, loved ones, or just relaxing from a busy week. 

Distance. Another reason investors opt for property management is physical distance from their property. When you live far away from a property it can be difficult to manage it well. Filling maintenance requests can be difficult, and properties can fall into disrepair. Having a local property management company lets you keep an eye on your property and ensure that it stays in tip-top shape. 

You don’t want to be the boss. When you own a property and you don’t have the time to fill every maintenance request or handle every showing you can hire staff to do that for you. While fine on the surface, this can lead to the headache that is payroll and other responsibilities that come with employing others. Working with a property management company lets you take a step back and worry less about that, since your management company employs those people instead. 

Spinnaker: More than just management 

When you think of “manage”, what do you think of? Someone dutifully fulfilling their role in keeping ducks in a row? 

At Spinnaker, property management isn’t just why’s we do, it’s a passion.

When you work with Spinnaker, you work with individuals who are staying up to date on the latest industry trends to make sure you can maximize your profit from your investment.

We list your property, find tenants, schedule showings, manage applications, and more. 

Not only do we want your property to thrive, we want YOU to thrive. That’s why we make things as simple as possible. You stay involved, start to finish, without any of the tedious middle ground. We put together monthly statements on income and expenses, provide detailed information on applicants, and collect rent. In-house maintenance helps us ensure that you’re tenants receive to of the line care by experts in their fields. 

Working with Spinnaker

If you’re ready to work with Spinnaker PM, contact our team. We’ll get you started towards reclaiming your weekends and resting, knowing your investment property is in good hands.

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