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“Go West young man!” Remember that famous saying? We do. We have a mass move southward, worth mentioning.  
Horrace Greely, famously wrote this famous saying, in the late 1800’s to encourage America’s westward destiny. Now, with housing prices in Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett going through the roof, the Northwest migration is to the South. Tacoma, Olympia, Lacy, Lakewood, and Puyallup are reaping the benefits of having housing prices a third less than their more expensive northern neighbors. 
So why are people moving into these southern cities? Glad you asked. 

They are not Seattle nor Bellevue.  
While this may seem obvious…these may be the best reasons we can give. Seattle’s housing crisis is not an exaggeration. The stratospheric prices and homeless crisis make life difficult on a daily basis. And Bellevue’s growth is so suffocating that living there is become reserved only for those who can afford a massive amount of money and love getting stuck in traffic for hours. 
Many tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Zillow and soon Expedia offer flexible times to their employees so they can work remotely. Sound like an opportunity to invest? It is.  
Mass Transit 
Sound Transit is expanding consistently, and mass transit is becoming the norm. Sure, you will have to give up some flexibility, but think of the time you can recoup while letting someone else fight traffic. People can read, answer emails, write reports, or better yet…NAP! Getting mass transit from the south is getting easier all the time. A little bit of research can mean a buyer or renter can spend LESS on housing and have more expendable income. 
The South Sound is coming into its own 
No longer do people consider Tacoma and Olympia to be Seattle’s little sisters. The Ruston way in Tacoma is quickly becoming the region’s hottest area. Olympia and Lacy are cashing in on their natural beauty and quirky vibe to become a premier living destination. 
​The bottom line is your bottom line. The less a buyer or renter spends on housing, the more they have for…well…EVERYTHING ELSE! This may seem like an overly simple statement, but for those living from paycheck to paycheck, having a smaller rent check means the money can last longer than the month. 

So if you are ready to capitalize on those spending less on housing and moving to the beautiful South Puget Sound region …call us at 253-830-5160 or drop us an email and we will get back to you soon. 

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