Investment Property Tips with Mark Melsness

Whether you’re a first time investor or long-term South Sound property owner looking to expand your portfolio with another investment property, having an experienced property management company to help you through the process of purchasing a new investment can help immensely by saving you time and getting prospect tenants in properties quickly.

Investing in a new property in order to rent it out can be confusing process no matter how much experience you have. Spinnaker makes the process of investing easy. Our team is here to come alongside you and help you succeed. We are with you from the start of the process through getting your rental investment filled. Then, we work with you to maintain the property, provide monthly financial statements so you can keep up with what’s happening, stay up-to-date with state and local laws, and more!

How Spinnaker Property Management Helps You Choose an Investment Property


The biggest question we help you answer as an investor is: what will it take to make this property return? Spinnaker helps you identify the most important aspects to consider when investing in a property, including the cost of the project, what kinds of expenses you can expect in terms of maintenance, insurance, etc.. We also help project the income levels that you can expect to bring to the property, helping you identify the biggest question, “what is the cashflow at the end of the day?” All of this work and calculation is done before you even put in an offer, letting you make the most informed decision. 


Once we find that the property works, we work directly with your real estate agent to put in an offer on the home. While the offer is being put in, we also go in and perform a comprehensive inspection alongside the inspector to make sure that the property is ready to accommodate tenants.  

Set up

After the offer goes through, we work directly with the seller to gain possession to the property as soon as possible. Our teams use the information gained from inspections to address any issues, clean up the property and schedule photos to prepare the property for market. 

In many cases, we can get properties on the market in as little as one to two business days. And if tenants are approved, you can be making money back on your investment in as little as one week! Our comprehensive screening process can be completed in as little as one day. This way, prospect tenants get in to great accommodation quickly, and you see a return 

Our goal in all of this is to help you see the value before it’s bought, and see the result after it’s bought. 

Property Investment Tips with Mark Melsness

In our latest Property Management Video, Spinnaker’s Own Mark Melsness goes into detail about how Spinnaker Property Management walks alongside you throughout the investment process. We make sure that your property performs well and gets filled quickly. For more information on investing with Spinnaker PM, give us a call at 253-830-5160.

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