Spinnaker Property Management: Protecting Your Property Assets from Fire

Spinnaker’s promise is to provide quality property management services but foremost, to deliver peace of mind to our owners.

With that in mind, you will come to expect a consistent flow of information from Spinnaker Property Management with one common theme: keeping your properties and your renters safe. Whether this is advice on keeping your properties maintained or how to ensure the people you hand your keys over to are trustworthy, Spinnaker Property Management has your best interests…and bottom lines…in mind.

Fire prevention is a broad topic. We will give a quick overview of how we help keep you and your renters safe.


Local authorities will appreciate that we provide proper fire extinguishers! Working extinguishers are kept in the kitchen and garage, as well as clear instructions near them as to how to operate them. Your local fire department can provide training to both you and your residents on how to purchase, store and use the extinguishers properly.

Smoke Detectors

Spinnaker Property Management provides, installs, and maintain the batteries in smoke detectors. This requirement is the law and it is important in the protection of both your residents and the home.

Wiring, Appliances, and Plugs

Bad or old wiring can cause fires. We inspect the wiring and heating appliances of your property regularly. This ensures that wires do not need to be replaced and attachments are secure and free of dust and debris. Alert your residents to notify you of any smoke or unusual heating appliance smells or noises. If you supply washers and dryers, we’ll keep them in good repair. This means inspecting all electrical plugs for loose screws or signs of heat or smoke. Additionally we’ll inspect the use of extension cords to prevent overloading circuits. Plus, we will ensure that child safety plugs are used if children are present in the home.


Spinnaker Property Management has a checklist and we follow it! We use the mentioned ideas here as well as those provided by the local fire department. Spinnaker Property Management believes, taking the time to protect your property and residents is worth it. You will sleep better and so will your residents.

Inform Your Residents

Here are a few tips for informing your residents about fire prevention:

Because they are often forgotten or uninformed, register any elderly or disabled persons in the home with the local fire department. An ounce of prevention is worth a lot. Create an escape plan for the family to follow. Post the escape plan in an easy to access location and hold regular practice escape sessions allowing family members to ask questions. Include pictures, directions and emergency phone numbers. Teach your children to dial 911 and explain that calling 911 is only for emergency use!

Public Information

The U.S. Fire Administration provides excellent, free information on the prevention of fire and participating in keeping your community safe. For more information on their fire prevention, see their web site.

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