Review of 2019’s City of Tacoma Rental Housing Code

Here at Spinnaker, one of the most important services we provide is keeping our clients up to date on any legal changes that affect their relationship with their tenants.

Of course, we must add that you need to have your own corporate and personal attorneys in place, as we are not attorneys. This email is for informational purposes only.
While these ordinance changes are coming up on a year since they took effect, it is still a good time a good time to review the details, to make sure everyone is up to date on the specifics.

For Tacoma landlords, here are the main changes:

  • If a landlord intends to change the use, substantially rehabilitate, or demolish a dwelling unit, they must give tenants a 120-day notice to vacate and relocation assistance for low-income tenants.
  • Landlords must give a 60-day notice to vacate for a no-cause termination of tenancy as well as give a 60-day notice for a rent increase.
  • Landlords must also give information to tenants regarding Tenant’s rights as well as landlord / tenant responsibilities.

There are also new tenant protections:

  • Tenants cannot be retaliated against for exercising their rights.
  • Various deposits and fees now allow for installment payments.
  • If the City of Tacoma declares a building uninhabitable, there are now specific codes regarding relocation assistance. Relocation assistance is also available for some specific situations for low-income tenants.
  • Tenants can file complaints requesting the City of Tacoma investigate and enforce the code.

Read more details about these changes.

This has been a quick overview of the new ordinance that went into place in 2019. While this quick recap can make sure that everyone does a quick overview of their practices, give us a call if you have any bigger questions.Property Management is what we do, peace of mind is what we deliver.

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