Preparing a Rental for PNW Winter

The Pacific Northwest has it’s share of inclement weather – and this winter is forecasted to be a snowy, wet one, as many of our recent past. If you are a property owner you may address the maintenance tasks you are familiar with but experts claim there are a few that are crucial enough to put at the top of the list. Here is our compiled list of to do’s for winter preparation:

  1. Clean Gutters

Gutters fill up through out the year, but especially during winter months. Branches and tree debris falling into already stuffed gutters is bad news for the structure of the gutters and house drainage pathways. Clean gutters thoroughly before rough weather hits and make your life a lot easier once things freeze.

  1. Protect Pipes

Add protection to your waterspouts to prevent frozen spickets and pipes. Remind your residents to keep cupboard doors open for under sink pipes to remain warm, especially during times of being out of town or time away.

  1. Check Insulation

Are there leaky areas of a home that will be prone to creating unwanted drafts and cold bedrooms? Address them now to prevent the mid-winter maintenance calls that they create,

  1. Check roof for leaks and broken or damaged shingles.

Roofs are often damaged from winter rain volume, snow and ice. Have a roofing company clean inspect and repair your roof before the bad weather hits. You will be glad you did!

  1. Repair fences and pathways to doors.

Fences can be come weak from rain and dampness and fail under heavy snow. Check to be sure all gates are in working order and for loose or broken boards. It is easier to repair a fence now then when it is covered in ice and snow.

  1. Have a snow removal plan.
  • Book the services of a snow removal service now or at least secure the equipment you will need to remove heavy snow now.
  • Depending on your lease agreement make sure the residents know about sidewalks or doorways that need to be kept clear to remain safe.
  • If we get heavy winter rain, which is pretty normal in the PNW, spread ice melt before the night freeze to prevent safety and property damage issues.
  1. Inspect and address tree issues.

Fallen branches can damage roofs, property and cars. You don’t want to be help responsible for any of that in the event of heavy winds or snow. Hire a tree service to inspect the property trees and do any necessary trimming or discarding of waste. Again, this is much easier to do in the rain or cold then in cold icey snow.

  1. Check thermostats and remind Residents to keep the heat on.

A broken or malfunctioning thermostat in a home with children or elderly is bad news. Check to make sure thermostat controls are in working order. And remind your residents to keep heat on in the winter, even when they area away for the holidays. Neither them or you will enjoy the inconvenience of frozen and broken pipes.

For more tips on maintaining your rental homes for the winter, call our office – our maintenance supervisor is always happy to help – and this can be a great way to know how Spinnaker approaches maintenance issues before you are officially entrusting your properties to our care.  Have a question? Contact us here.

Happy Winter! Stay warm and make that maintenance check list and check it twice. You and your residents will be glad you did!


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